SEO & User Experience: Reviewing Zappos

On-Site SEO is essential for ecommerce websites because products need to rank higher than competitors and display clearly so consumers can find the products in search engine results. Optimizing an ecommerce website can result in increased organic traffic to a business’s website, which can mean more conversions. About 38% of ecommerce traffic comes from organicContinue reading “SEO & User Experience: Reviewing Zappos”

SEMrush Projects: Starting with a Site Audit

Why do you need SEO? For starters, SEO strategies improve user experience, help the right audience find the right website, boosts a business’s credibility and authority, does not require paying for ads, and allows businesses to stay ahead of the competition. SEMrush is one product on the market that provides a suite of tools forContinue reading “SEMrush Projects: Starting with a Site Audit”

Choosing the Right Social Media Channel

Social media is an effective method for reaching people all over the globe, with an average user spending 2 hours and 29 minutes on social media each day (Olafson & Tran, 2021). Social media use is also on the rise. From 2019 to 2020, active social media users increased 6% in the Americas (We AreContinue reading “Choosing the Right Social Media Channel”

Google Analytics & Mailchimp Integration

Introduction to Integrations Businesses and marketers have a wide range of Google Analytics integrations to choose from, including those that measure sales calls, paid ads, and email campaigns. Abbamonte (2019) interviewed forty-three marketers and identified twenty integrations that they rely on, one of which was Mailchimp. Why integrate Google Analytics with Mailchimp email marketing? AsContinue reading “Google Analytics & Mailchimp Integration”

Google Analytics: Understanding Engagement Metrics

Google Analytics can benefit businesses and marketers who recognize the importance of web traffic and internet marketing tools, but who do not have the proper instruments to calculate return on investment (Tietbohl, 2021). Engagement metrics offered by Google Analytics provide insight into how often users visit a website and how many pages they are visiting.Continue reading “Google Analytics: Understanding Engagement Metrics”

Google Analytics: Understanding Foundational Metrics

Google Analytics is a free tool that provides reports to better understand website traffic and the effectiveness of marketing (Tietbohl, 2021). Google Analytics provides so much data that it may seem overwhelming to beginners. However, coming to understand even some of the foundational metrics will allow for better informed website and business decisions. Google AnalyticsContinue reading “Google Analytics: Understanding Foundational Metrics”

How Organizations Are Getting Creative During COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed everything, maybe not forever, but for long enough that organizations are adapting programming and communications to continue toward their mission. As the world is stuck at home to flatten the COVID-19 curve, we’re seeing organizations innovate in order to meet the needs of their clients, supporters, and customers. Organizations that offer directContinue reading “How Organizations Are Getting Creative During COVID-19”