SEO & User Experience: Reviewing Zappos

On-Site SEO is essential for ecommerce websites because products need to rank higher than competitors and display clearly so consumers can find the products in search engine results. Optimizing an ecommerce website can result in increased organic traffic to a business’s website, which can mean more conversions. About 38% of ecommerce traffic comes from organicContinue reading “SEO & User Experience: Reviewing Zappos”

SEMrush Projects: Starting with a Site Audit

Why do you need SEO? For starters, SEO strategies improve user experience, help the right audience find the right website, boosts a business’s credibility and authority, does not require paying for ads, and allows businesses to stay ahead of the competition. SEMrush is one product on the market that provides a suite of tools forContinue reading “SEMrush Projects: Starting with a Site Audit”