Google Analytics & Mailchimp Integration

Introduction to Integrations Businesses and marketers have a wide range of Google Analytics integrations to choose from, including those that measure sales calls, paid ads, and email campaigns. Abbamonte (2019) interviewed forty-three marketers and identified twenty integrations that they rely on, one of which was Mailchimp. Why integrate Google Analytics with Mailchimp email marketing? AsContinue reading “Google Analytics & Mailchimp Integration”

Google Analytics: Understanding Engagement Metrics

Google Analytics can benefit businesses and marketers who recognize the importance of web traffic and internet marketing tools, but who do not have the proper instruments to calculate return on investment (Tietbohl, 2021). Engagement metrics offered by Google Analytics provide insight into how often users visit a website and how many pages they are visiting.Continue reading “Google Analytics: Understanding Engagement Metrics”

Google Analytics: Understanding Foundational Metrics

Google Analytics is a free tool that provides reports to better understand website traffic and the effectiveness of marketing (Tietbohl, 2021). Google Analytics provides so much data that it may seem overwhelming to beginners. However, coming to understand even some of the foundational metrics will allow for better informed website and business decisions. Google AnalyticsContinue reading “Google Analytics: Understanding Foundational Metrics”