What can we take off your plate?

Community Organizing • Public Policy • Legislative Outreach • Graphic Design • Marketing • Web Content Writing • Press Releases Blogging • Strategic Communications • Media Relations • Surveys and Research • Social Media and Website Management • Data Analysis • Content Marketing • Event Planning • Stakeholder Engagement • Photography • Coalition Building • Writing

Yelda Media & Issue Advocacy can help your organization find its voice, tell its story, and reach its audience. That means everything from identifying the big picture strategy to the everyday nitty-gritty, from sending the right tweet to organizing a rally at City Hall.

Yelda Media’s small size means you will get you the attention you deserve. We’ll act as partners through the entire process, ensuring your message is comprehensive, timely, and properly targeted. We’ll use our expertise to advance your cause and help your bottom line.

Yelda Media are experts in developing critical relationships, helping enhance your reputation, discovering your narrative, raising your visibility, and guiding you through crises. We specialize in prepping you to deal with the media on any issue, and we stay up-to-date on all elements of digital and social media so you don’t have to.

Yelda Media is proud of the issues we work on, the bonds we form with our clients, and the campaigns and coalitions we help to build for them. We work with established industry leaders, hopeful newcomers, government agencies, and nonprofits. We can make broad, complex issues accessible to the key audiences on which your success depends.

Let’s build something together.